Art is so Addictive!

I never realised how art was such an addictive hobby when I first took it up several years ago. 

Having competed as an International gymnast and representing my country on a number of occasions, I was familiar with the saying, ‘practice make perfect’ and ‘try, try and try again’!

After retiring from gymnastics, I took up golf. I enjoyed the exercise, competition and playing in the team. Sadly, my hips had other plans. I underwent keyhole surgery of my hips to repair the damage done by years of exercise. One hip operation wasn’t as successful, so rather than consider a total hip replacement in my 50s, I opted to give up golf and be more sensible.

My husband was a true golf widower and was relieved to think I would be around a bit more.

And then came along art! Admiring a fellow artist’s work in a local library, he popped his business card in my hand. ‘Why not come along to my lessons? ‘And so, a window of opportunity opened and the start of a new hobby began.  Vernon Lever is a well know local artist in Suffolk, who has encouraged many artists from complete beginners to amateur artists, wishing to paint with others.

When I look back at my work all those years ago, I realise the journey I have been on. It has made me appreciate nature, the skies, the weather, wildlife and so much more. 

As I progressed, I started to gift my work to friends and family. And then I dipped my toe in the water and exhibited my work in a local exhibition. Selling my first painting was a wonderful feeling. I initially didn’t want to let go of the work I had so lovingly spent hours on. But now, having sold many paintings over the years, it is lovely to think I have bought pleasure to many. 

Lockdown through 2019 and 2020 has been a turbulent time. But for artists, it has bought precious time to be creative. The internet has been a source of inspiration with well-known artists offering their time and skills to teach and impart their techniques. I am so grateful to all of these artists who have inspired me to try new things and develop my art further. 

In 2021, I became the Chairman of the Suffolk Art Society. So more juggling of work, art and administrative skills! I think my husband secretly wishes I hadn’t given up golf!

Until next time

Bye for now

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